BBA in Service Management

A BBA in Service Management offers a spectrum of career possibilities in the service industry. Graduates can embark on careers as Service Managers, Operations Managers, Service Quality Analysts, and more. They are entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing service operations, optimizing service delivery, and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

Career Growth Prospects with BBA in Service Management

Restaurant Manager

Assitant Restaurant Manager

F & B Executive

Senior Captain

Graduation Mandatory


Trainee Captain

Senior Steward


Salient Features of Work Integrated Degree Program

100% Work-Integrated Learning
100% Work-Integrated Learning
Our comprehensive approach blends practical learning with a strong foundation in industry-specific knowledge, ensuring your employability and relevance in today's job market.
Practical Work Based Learning
Practical Work Based Learning + Online Classes
Experience a contemporary approach to education, emphasising the integration of hands-on, practical learning with the flexibility and accessibility of online classes.
UGC-Approved Degree Programs
UGC-Approved Degree Programs at 1/3 of the Cost
Open the door to a world of career possibilities with our government-recognized degree programs, offered to you at an affordable price.
Integration with Apprenticeship
Integration with Apprenticeship
The program seamlessly integrates apprenticeship opportunities, offering students the chance to gain hands-on experience in a professional work environment.
Free Additional Courses and Certifications
Free Additional Courses and Certifications
Enhance your employability with additional free courses / Certifications Soft skills / Wadhwani etc. included with our programs.
Learn from Industry Experts
Learn from Industry Experts
Our programs grant you exclusive access to specialized lectures and invaluable insights directly from industry experts who have mastered the intricacies of the real business world.

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